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Yoga & Meditation Classes

MOVING MEDITATION: Have you ever been tempted to try meditation but thought you’d never be able to sit still for an extended period? Are you searching for a way to enhance your current meditation practice? Are you feeling isolated due to critical illness, caregiving or grief?

Moving Meditation with Samuel Kirshner may be just what you’re looking forCreated as an alternative to traditional sitting meditation practice, Moving Meditation employs a technique called Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation* developed by Samuel Kirschner.  Every Tuesday, using movement, music and the breath, this meditation practice can help you calm your mind when you are feeling isolated or overwhelmed from living with the anxiety of the unknown.  By anchoring your attention to your breath, you will begin to notice your thoughts, feelings and body sensations, allowing you to accept this moment and let go of judgment.  You will be able to discover the simple joy and clarity of the present moment – regardless of your circumstances and conditions.

*Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation is a coping skill and spiritual practice that can be used any time, anywhere: sitting, lying down, washing the dishes, walking around town, listening to music, dancing, waiting for a bus or in the doctor’s office, or before making an important decision.

YOGA: Every Wednesday, Ken Katz teaches a basic meditative yoga class. This is a basic, relaxing, meditative class which will include: chanting, warm-ups, a full range of physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises, a deep relaxation (yoga nidra), and meditation, leading to a state of calm and peace.  Individual instruction and adjustments will be provided as necessary. Although yoga’s physical benefits are profound, it is fundamentally a moving meditation that can be done by anyone. Yoga helps lead us to self-acceptance and is never competitive.

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