The Crisis Center for Life Threatening Illness

One-On-One Services

While the primary work of Friends In Deed takes place in the Big Groups, we also provide a limited number of one-on-one services to supplement the work done in the groups.  To ask for an appointment, simply complete an Appointment Request Form after any Big Group.  Appointments are distributed based on need and availability, and are scheduled for the following week.  If an appointment is available, you will receive a phone call with the time and date.  You will be asked to confirm your ability to take the appointment.  It is essential that you show up for any appointment you confirm, and that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time.  All one-on-one appointments are free of charge.

For information on appointment procedures, click HERE.

CRISIS COUNSELING: An important aspect of our program is the availability of crisis counseling for anyone in need of more individualized service and support.  Every week we provide free sessions with our extraordinary counselors.  While these sessions are not designed to provide ongoing support, they do provide essential assistance at particularly difficult periods in a person’s life.  Since a personal crisis can surface at any time, our team of counselors is also ready to help whenever they are needed.  This can include counseling sessions at someone’s hospital bed, in their home, or even by phone when a critical situation arises.

BODYWORK: Because we recognize the interconnection between physical and emotional well-being, we have a team of physical therapists who are available to provide bodywork, each week at our location.  Our clients are able to avail themselves of a wide range of bodywork modalities that have included Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Polarity, Swedish, CranioSacral Therapy and chiropractic. Depending on need and availability, we can also provide bodywork to our clients when they are hospitalized or homebound.

TREATMENT PLANNING & NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: To empower our clients to make informed decisions about their treatment, we provide nutritional and treatment counseling sessions with Scott Berliner.  Because of his extensive expertise in the latest alternative and mainstream treatment options, Scott helps our clients manage the side effects of medication.  This includes nutritional counseling, enabling clients to understand the relationship between food and their illness, and demonstrating the role nutrition can play in increasing the effectiveness of medication and mitigating negative side effects.  To be eligible to schedule an appointment with Scott, you must have a copy of your recent bloodwork.

Workshops & Seminars

WEEKLY WORKSHOPS: We believe that information can empower you to make choices.   In our weekly workshops and seminars you can find information on communicating with doctors, managing medications, and understanding the relationship between mainstream and alternative treatments, examining the role of food in dealing with illness. Our quarterly “On The + Side” series, focuses on issues related to anyone diagnosed with HIV.  We help people develop the practical tools needed to move beyond preconceptions, whether dealing with critical illness, caregiving or grief.  The schedule of weekly workshops is available here or by calling or visiting Friends In Deed.

To access support materials from past workshops, click here.

THE MASTERY: Co-facilitated By Sally Fisher and Robert Levithan, The Mastery is a weekend intensive workshop that focuses on life-threatening illness, caregiving and grief.  Based on the principle that the quality of life is not determined by the circumstances, this weekend workshop is geared toward helping individuals transcend old ideas about who they are — and what they are capable of– in order to discover potentials, dreams, vocations, and personal strength they never knew they had.  This weekend intensive happens four times a year at Friends In Deed.  According to Sally, “The Mastery is not about dying, it’s about the quality of life. Do you suffer or do you live your life with quality?” Mastery weekends begin on Friday evening and include all day sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  Enrollment is limited and participants are expected to commit to the entire weekend.  Prior to the scheduled weekends, sign up sheets are available after Big Groups.


Join Team Friends In Deed for AIDS Walk New York 2013!

Friends In Deed is pleased to announce our participation as a Community Partnership Program in this year’s AIDS Walk New York 2013. This incredible event provides an amazing opportunity for our community to come together and fundraise to ensure that Friends In Deed can continue to provide free emotional and spiritual support to anyone affected by HIV/AIDS. With your support we can make this year’s walk an event to be remembered!

A few things to know about Team Friends In Deed and AIDS Walk New York:

Being a Community Partnership Program (CPP) team means that Team Friends In Deed is raising funds to benefit Friends In Deed.

As a CPP team, Friends In Deed receives 100% of the first $2,500 team funds raised and 75% of the remaining team funds. (GMHC retains 25% of funds raised over $2,500, as a partial offset to the event’s production costs.)

In 2010 & 2012, Team Friends In Deed was ranked the #1 fundraising CPP team and was honored by GMHC both years with an achievement award.

This year’s AIDS Walk New York is a healthy 10k (6.23 miles) held in New York’s magnificent Central Park on Sunday, May 19th.

Ready to join us and make a difference?

To register online with Team Friends In Deed, to Sponsor a Walker or to Make a General Team Donation just follow the links below! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

QUESTIONS: Contact Kate Lamb at




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