The Simmons Beatyrest Products are made by the Simmons Canada Inc. company. The company has been in the mattress business for 125 years and launched the current line of products in 2009 and has continued to improve and produce their products for the masses. Here are some descriptions of the products available in the different product brands available under the Simmons Beautyrest;

The Beautyrest Recharge – in this category the mattresses are available in all sizes from twin to king size and California king. The products in this category have 800 pocketed coils and 850 in some mattresses. They are available in gel touch foam, memory foam and air cool foam. The mattresses therefore are made to allow for aeration of the mattress so it doesn’t hold bad smells down there. The mattresses in this category are able to provide motion separation and conformity to the body keeping you comfortable.

The Beautyrest Black – in this category you also get 800 and 850 pocketed coils with 1000 micro coil counts in some models. The black category has products that are able to take the heat away from the body to make you feel cool at night helping you sleep better. This is because the products are air cool. In this category also you get products that relieve back pain and remove pressure on the back. The mattresses are also given a superb yarn finish to make them really comfortable. They are available in sizes from twin to king size.

The Beautyrest hybrid – this category has mattresses with air cool technology and gel foam. They are pocket coils with a density of 800 to 1000 coils per mattress. this makes the hybrid offer a lot of comfort and firmness. The more the pocket springs the better the mattress is. The finish of the mattress is also state of the art with a cover that slightly stretches to fit into your body. The mattreses are available in all sizes from twin size to king size without the califonia king size.

The Beautyrest world class – this category offers 1000 pocketed coils with some models having additional 1000 micro coils. This makes the mattresses very firm and motion separated. They have an air cool air foam with gel that makes the mattresses relieve back pain and pressure.  They are available in sizes from twin size to king size.

The Beautyrest studio – they have pocketed coils for motion separation and firmness. They are available in sizes from twin to king size.

All these Simmons Beautyrest products come with ten years warranty which makes it a vary trusted brand all over the world. This means that these products can last well over ten years without giving you trouble with the springs. This also ensures that you have confidence in the product that you are purchasing. If you want to know more you can take a look at answers to common questions.