Every business establishment and household can encounter various plumbing problems, from time to time. Once these occur, people can rely on the help offered by professional plumbers, who will come to their aid and solve their plumbing issues, by installing new pipes, unclogging the drains, as well as checking for potential leaks and irregularities that can cause problems in the future. Plumbing contractors can offer a wide array of services for any plumbing necessity.

These services are divided into two main types, Residential and Commercial ones


These services include the replacement of damaged pipes that burst or cracked due to various natural disasters, age, drain blockage, low water pressure in the faucets, and defective sewer lines. They can cover a number of different residential plumbing systems, which include interior water supply systems, exterior residential plumbing, as well as drain and gas plumbing, and vent and sewage systems.


Interior water supply system pertains to the supply of water to sinks, showers, toilets and tubs. This systems gets the water from either a municipal water supply, private wells, or both. The pumping and the pressurization of the municipal water supplies are handled by a utility company, while the private wells use specialized equipment that pressurizes and pumps in order to draw water. The materials most commonly used for these systems include copper pipes, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), or various plastic pipes that conform to the standard or local codes.


Exterior residential plumbing consists of two main types, which are the landscape irrigation system and the drainage system. Landscape irrigation systems use plastic pipes in order to supply the water to the sprinklers, whereas the exterior drainage systems use underground drainage pipes, which are capable of preventing flood damages to various structures. They also feature gutters, which can be used as gateways for storm or rain water that might pour down the roof.


Plumbing services do not only deal with waterworks, but also with the proper installation of gas systems that use propane or some other natural gases. The most commonly used pipes in households, restaurants and hotels are the black iron ones.


Plumbing also covers vent, waste and drain systems. The main purpose of this system is to remove any grey water from a house or some other property, and make sure that it passes down the drain lines, so as to promote safe and proper drainage. The most commonly used drain pipes are the ones made of cast iron, plastic or ABS. Another purpose of this system is to prevent sewage and waste water from entering sewage and septic systems of municipal and private properties.


Commercial services are mainly concerned with removing the things that might block the drainage, including food wastes, garbage, or even hair clumps. For this purpose, a proper garbage disposal installation is necessary, in order to ensure maximum efficiency. At times, mold and fungi build-up, or roots of trees can block proper and smooth drainage, as well.

To handle with these problems, plumbing contractors will use special equipment and rooters to safely and properly unblock the drainage.