When contacting Ebay for any issues, there are different strategies that one can use for this approach. For instance, one can make use of the telephone, web mail support, and live chat or even email support to make any enquiries. When you have placed an order and you still haven’t received the package yet, it might be better to enquire and be given further directions. Should you at any time need any help, you simply contact them and they will be there to offer you help. In most pages, there is always a link for help & contact which is what one should click.

There are other cases when you can be asked to sign in. This will be better since it will help find details about your account so as to be able to respond to your queries accurately. From the menu, you should select that choice which matches your issue.

Contact using phone number

Ebay offers you phone support for most of those issues that you might be facing. Once you make the call, you shouldn’t forget to select that option which matches your issue. This will give them more details and help to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Always ensure that you are using the phone number provided and the passcode which you have been given. It is always advisable not to share this phone number with other people. There are different numbers which one can use to contact Ebay customer service centre.

Chat and emails

Ebay has also established chat as a mode of communicating with them if you have time. They have representatives who are ready to respond to your issues with immediate effect. There are also instances when you might be asked to give out your email. This is the case when they want to investigate your issues further. When filling the forms provided, make sure you give precise and as much detail as possible. This will help you to get quick help.

Things to keep in mind when contacting them

Whenever you contact Ebay, it is always better to keep in mind that providing a lot of details will make work easier. For instance, always make sure that you include the item number, dates, User IDs. You shouldn’t forget to include any steps that you took before you asked those questions. If your issue is just a general question and not anything major, you should first contact your seller.


Ebay customer service is a good site where one can get quality services from people who are friendly. There are cases when they will ask you for more information in order to thoroughly respond to issues in your account. Always provide them with accurate information so that they can offer you the best service.

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