Becoming a paramedic is not just a personal choice. For certain professions, one can say that I am doing it for earning money or for personal benefit. But this is not the case with becoming a paramedic. A paramedic serves everyone for the greater good.

There are countless stories all around us about paramedics who are serving people day and night for a good cause. Most of their stories go unheard and untold because they do this noble work every day.

There is an inspiring story about a doctor saving life of a kid. The kid becomes a paramedic and in turn saves his life 30 years down the time. SARAH ZAGORSKI is narrating this story on

Doctor Saves Premature Baby’s Life, Who Becomes Paramedic and Saves His Life 30 Years Later


On March 29, 2011, Dr. Michael Shannon was trapped in a burning car after a car accident with a semi-truck. California’s Orange County Fire Department arrived at the scene and among them was Chris Trokey, a young paramedical. Thankfully, they were able to remove Dr. Shannon from the car but he had to spend 45-days at Mission Hospital to recover from burned legs and internal injuries.

It was during that time that Trokey realized he helped saved the life of the doctor who saved his when he was a baby. According to KTLA news, 30-years-ago Trokey was born premature and weighed only 3.2 pounds. He was given only a 50% chance of survival; however, Dr. Shannon worked around the clock to save his life.

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Becoming a paramedic brings positive changes in the person’s life and lives of others. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself and gives you a fresh purpose to life. Nancy Flanders at is narrating such a story about positive life changes:

Paramedic becomes pro-life after seeing 17-week miscarried baby

By Nancy Flanders | May 29, 2015 , 10:42am

Twenty-five years ago, David Baxter was a paramedic in Canada, who was torn over whether or not abortion should be legal. He leaned towards the pro-abortion side, but his wife was more pro-life.

“I was a fence-sitter,” he explained, “and my wife and I discussed it, and it was a topic of argument for many years. Sometimes I would say, yes [abortion is okay], and sometimes no [abortion is not right].”

One day, while Baxter was working with the ambulance service he owned, they received a call that would change his heart forever. They arrived at the scene to find a girl about 14 years old in severe abdominal pain. They drove her to the hospital.

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